Alfa Romeo Spider Picture

Alfa Romeo Spider

If you want to prevent a wedding, first make sure you have enough petrol!

Bentley Brooklands Picture

Bentley Brooklands

Bentle's attempt to create a 'budget' car (their definition of 'budget' is different from ours!)

Ferrari Boxer Picture

Ferrari Boxer

A beautiful car, but very imperfect.

Ferrari Italia Picture

Ferrari Italia

One of the best ever ferraris. Shame it kept setting on fire.

Jaguar SS1 Picture

Jaguar SS1

The public loved it. The chairman of Jaguar hated it.

Lotus Elise Picture

Lotus Elise

Light, fast - everything a sports car should be and very successful.

Marcos Mantula Picture

Marcos Mantula

The car that SHOULD have been very successful - but wasn't.

Mazda MX5 Picture

Mazda MX5

Why this still is the most successful sports car ever.

McLaren F1 Picture

McLaren F1

Still the fastest naturally breathing supercar in the world.

Panther Lima Image

Panther Lima

Proof that retro doesn't always sell well.

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