Privacy Policy Statement

We are committed to retaining the trust of our visitors and we wish to inform you that we do not sell, rent, trade or transfer any information about our visitors to any other persons for financial gain.

Responsible person

The person responsible for maintaining our privacy policy is Alan May.

Information we gather

We do not seek information which can personally identify any of our visitors. The only way in which we can receive such information is if you volunteer it yourself by contacting us in some way. Any information that you do send us in this way will be treated as confidential.

Nonidentifying information

We receive information automatically about visits to our website. Whenever you or any other person visits our site the pages that are visited are recorded as well as the time and date of the visit. We also received some information about the device used to access our website. None of this information can be used to identify any individual.

Processing of information

We do not carry out any automatic processing of information.

Your access to your information

You are entitled to see any information that we hold about you as an individual. If you find any errors in this information you are entitled to insist that we correct them within a reasonable time.

You are entitled to insist that we delete any information that we hold about you, which we will do within a reasonable time once we have established your bone fides.


This website does not use cookies of any kind. However there may be hyperlinks on this website to other websites which do use cookies. If you leave this website via such a hyperlink you should check the privacy policy of the website that you are landing on to make sure that you find it satisfactory.

Our legal obligations

In the unlikely event of us being legally obliged to provide any information that we hold about any visitor we will of course have to do so and we reserve the right to proceed according to the laws of the United Kingdom.

Alterations to this policy

The Internet is still developing quickly and legal rights to privacy are still being amended. Because of this we may well need to alter this privacy policy from time to time. We recommend that you check this page regularly to read the latest version of our privacy policy.

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