What you will find here

If you're a car lover, you've stumbled on what will over time hopefully become one of your favourite car websites. What you will find here is information and photos and anecdotes about some of the most unusual and interesting cars on our roads.

You can't build a site like this if you are not a motoring enthusiast. Luckily this is exactly what Alan May and Peter Forster, the owners, are. In fact, these guys live for cars. And not just any old car, but the unusual ones, the strange ones, the ones with a unique story to tell.

Who they are

Before a particularly bad winter storm, even for the UK, brought these unlikely friends together in a pub in Manchester one night, Alan and Peter led very interesting lives. Lives which, we dare to say, have become even more interesting after they met.

The life and times of Alan May

Alan was born in London on a dark winter's night fifty years ago. He grew up to become an auto mechanic in West London. So good was he at his job that, after only three years, he was appointed as manager at a large Jaguar workshop.

This is where his interest in antique and unusual cars started taking shape. Some of the clients owned vintage Jaguars like the legendary E-type, while others (with even bigger bank accounts) drove customised models. Like the rock star who had his F-type Jaguar converted to what was basically a bar with an engine and a steering wheel.

After working on some of the most intresting cars he ever saw in his lifetime for 5 years, Alan decided it was time to start his own workshop. After a long search he found the ideal premises: a fairly large workshop in a very central location at a very affordable rent.

Ever since then he and his team have specialized in what has become a deep passion: strange and unusual cars. He services them, converts them, and sometimes re-converts them. Not only Jaguars, but Austins and Mini Coopers and just about any other make of car. Provided it's interesting, something different. When he finds something really unique he might even buy it, revampt it and then look for a loving new owner.

Peter Forster

Peter Forster grew up in a posh Cambridge suburb. He shared his father's love for photography, and it surprised nobody when at eighteen he announced he wanted to become a professional photographer.

After completing his studies he worked for a newspaper, but soon became tired of taking pictures of murder scenes and politicians. He wanted to photograph things of great beauty, he realised. And so he moved on to his second job at a modelling agency. While this time the subjects of his photos were certainly beautiful, he soon found out that they could be more volatile than most explosives.

After a few incidents during which he sustained more than just a bruised ego, he finally found his own special little place in the universe when a friend of a friend introduced him to the editor of a motoring magazine, who offered him a job.

Since then Peter has been happily snapping away at not only the latest car models, but also some of the most unforgettable cars of yesteryear.

The Bottom Line

With these two guys' combined knowledge and expertise you are bound to be spellbound with what you find on this site. Don't believe us, just start browsing or get in touch: you can email them at .

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